Cedar Hill Lake is a man made lake that was constructed in 1945. Until 1973 the lake was known as Nelson Lake. In 1973 the lake was drained so that islands, peninsulas, and underwater structure could be added to beautify the lake and enhance the fishing. In 1991 the lake was again drained so more underwater structure could be added and be restocked with Bluegill, Shell Cracker, and Florida Largemouth Bass. We continue to manage the lake with the help of an aquatic biologist to maximize the fishing potential. We do this through fertilization, supplemental feeding, and removing substantial numbers of fish each year. Although we have very liberal creel limits now, these can change based on the fish population in the lake.
Catching a 5LB or even a 10LB bass is not uncommon at Cedar Hill Lake, nor is it uncommon to catch over 100 pan fish in an afternoon – And what a blast catching them with a ultra-light spinning rod or a zero weight fly rod!

Whether you are Fly Fishing from the front yard or casting from one of our V hull stable boats, you are sure to have a great time at Cedar Hill Lake Retreat. You are welcome to bring your own boat but remember trolling motors only (cranking of power motor is prohibited). If you are staying several days, keep your boat in one of our covered dock slips and keep your batteries charged overnight. We have a liberal creel limit that allows for the freshest fish fry.

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